Group Session (2+ People) Deposit

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Group Session (2+ People) Deposit


This is a deposit for a group session- save money by shooting with a friend, family member, or hired assassin!


The total price is 2x the cost of your normal session fee, minus 10%. For example, a two-person standard session would be $525 x 2, ($1050), but when we take off $105, we bring the total cost to $945, or $472.50 each! For each additional person (up to 5 total) take off another 5%. You could save up to 25%!


This package includes: 

-1-1.5 hours of shooting per person

-Unlimited "looks"

-Indoor and/or outdoor photos

-A private gallery with up to 100 great images to download and share per person

-1 high resolution, fully retouched image per person

-Professional Makeup Artist (or BYOMA for a discount)

-Email, in-person, or phone consultation per person

-A really great time! (FOR ALL PEOPLE INVOLVED!)

We're All In!