Boston's Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Apprentices got some headshots

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company has free Shakespeare on Boston Common every year. I was Sebastian in this year's production of Twelfth Night, and ended up taking a lot of photos for the company as well. In addition to putting on a great free show, CSC also offers training for college-level/early career actors. I set up a big group headshot session with six of these actors, and Griffin Culp was one of them. We shot in Wellesley, MA, which I didn't think would have a great deal of colorful or interesting backgrounds, but I was very, very wrong. We found tons of color and great light, and best of all a white alleyway where the light was strong but diffused off of the walls, and the alley shrank away in a fantastic vanishing point that produced fascinating depth and great layered bokeh. I will hopefully be heading there again soon! We all went in groups for the shoot, which is always my favorite, since we get to relax with friends and share lots of thoughts and ideas. I was so happy to offer my services for these talented actors-in-the-making, and I think they're happy with the results as well!