February Portraits with Sarah K | Boston Actor Headshots

This week has been absurdly busy for me- I'm opening Mothers and Sons at SpeakEasy Stage tonight, and we've been in tech rehearsals (11AM-11PM) for the past three days! I did manage to get a shoot in for my friend Joey's upcoming production of Finish Line with Boston Theater Company- (more on that later- we shot video and photos in a beautiful building downtown!) but otherwise I haven't done much photography this week. I do have plenty of work in the next two weeks, though, so I'll get right back to it!

Today's post is looking back at a great headshot session I had in February with two wonderful young women, Jordan and Sarah. It was the first session I had in my Somerville home/studio, and I'm still super happy with how the photos came out! 

The above photo was a happy accident- we created a sort of "tunnel of light" with my favorite giant octabox on the left and a big white reflecting disc on the right. I love the slight shadow that this setup made- soft on the right side of her face- but so soft it doesn't interrupt or distract from the image. We shot right in front of a grey vinyl background, which faded away nicely and almost became black in this light. There's not a lot of ambient light coming in, which also helps the dreamy feel of the photo. This was shot with a 6D and a 135m f/2l. 

Here, we stepped outside for a minute into light snow, and I love the way the 135mm makes the background fade into nothing but vague shapes and color. I wish we had an overhead diffuser for this one, but the low clouds and white snow everywhere made for awesome soft but bright light. I can't decide about the snow in her hair and may take it out, but I'm leaning towards kinda liking it. 


Finally, one more shot from inside- this may not be the best choice for a headshot you'd use as an actor, but I think it is a lovely portrait! We used the windows and curtains already hung in my house by our awesome landlords, and I'm thrilled with the soft light, foreground and background interest, and of course, Sarah's expression as she leans into the white cloth. This was shot with reflected natural light, as well as the 85mm f/1.8.

Note that these photos are not retouched- they don't need much! Thanks for reading and checking out these photos!