Headshots in Boston's South End with actor Victoria S

This past Saturday, because I am insane, I scheduled a headshot session between my two performances of Mothers and Sons in the South End. I had about an hour and forty-five minutes to get some photos with a wonderful actress that found me through Google. We were joined by her super-helpful boyfriend and walked around the South End in the beautiful evening glow. We ended up getting some great shots! (Note that the below images have not yet been retouched)

The above image was taken with my 5D III and the amazing 85mm f/1.2L II lens, with a gold reflector bouncing light from below, and our helpful assistant holding a soft diffuser overhead. I just love the way she pops out from the background, which fades away into beautiful, complimentary shapes and colors. 

Victoria is from New Zealand(!) and only recently arrived in New England to be with her boyfriend. They were both an absolute pleasure to photograph and spend time with. 

This was one of the first headshots of the day, taken with the same gear and settings as the previous one. Note how sharp that 85mm is, even wide open at 1.2!


One of the reasons it was so nice that Victoria brought her boyfriend was that not only was he a great assistant, he also helped put her at ease and was able to crack more personal jokes and be a fun third party, making what can be occasionally awkward one-on-one conversation much easier. We would have gotten some nice photos without him there, for sure, but having another person along also really opens up the possibilities for location and direction as we plan our shoot. 

This photo is one of a series where we had Victoria stand in front of a longer street, and her boyfriend stood behind her just off camera and threw large handfuls of nearby plentiful flower petals into the air. They floated down behind her for beautiful pink bokeh effects!


Thanks again Victoria, and I can't wait to see your final pick!