Headshots with Jason McCool, Boston Actor

In July, I donated a headshot session as part of a fundraiser for Fresh Ink Theatre, an excellent collective of creative and hardworking local playwrights, directors, and actors. Jason happened to win that raffle, and set up a session with me on a Friday afternoon in Boston. Everything was set to go, and then on the Monday before, I totally fell off my bike and broke my right arm. I decided to push through it and see how one-armed shooting would go, and luckily, it went well! I had a great time meeting Jason and learning about his work here in Boston- he's heading the Boston chapter of Solas Nua, which is dedicated to producing plays and performances related to or by Irish artists. The light was great around 5:30, and we walked all over the Back Bay and found some awesome backdrops, and then grabbed drinks after with some folks from Commonwealth Shakespeare. Jason turned out to be the snappiest dresser, too- his outfits were great! My favorite headshots are below, though there's many more. I usually avoid brick, but there's something great about how the blue and brick match his outfit and eyes. There's also these locks on the bridge over I-90 which faded into some great sparkly bokeh when we shot there with the sun going down over the highway to the left. And my arm didn't even hurt that much!

Jason McCool 2nd Picks (12 of 30).jpg