It has been way too long! A new blog post about taking headshots in Boston!

I know all five of my faithful readers (hi Mom!) have been eagerly awaiting another post, and I've finally decided to deliver. I promise (more to myself than anything) to write at least two of these a week for the next six months, dammit. Not that I haven't been busy. Since last I wrote (what, May?!) I have taken dozens of headshots, shot some great events (including my sister's wedding!) and gone to Montana! I also FINALLY finished auditioning for next year's plays, and have also been working 9-5, so I have pretty good excuses for not keeping up. Anyway, I want to write about one of my latest headshot sessions with a Boston-based actor/musician/artist/singer/scholar, Vero Smith: 

(85mm f/1.2L II; 5D MK III)

Vero found me via Google, and we set up a headshot session. She brought her super cool fiance Paul, who did double duty as both laugh generator and human light stand. 


Vero plays guitar:

And likes to stand near ivy-covered buildings. As you can see, I've finally given in to the call of that super-trendy "crushed-blacks-split-toned-filmic" look, but I have to say I kind of love it. The above photo was taken with a 5D III and a 24mm f/1.4L II lens. 


Vero also plays mandolin: 

 (Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART on 5D III)

And gazes wistfully into the sunset. Yet another crushed blacks kinda deal; I do wonder if this style will be enjoyable five years from now or if we'll all be kicking ourselves for taking our amazing, high-contrast, high dynamic range, super sharp images and making them look like they were taken with a technically inferior antique. I have to admit I really enjoyed both taking and editing these photos- it is nice to not have to play by the "rules" of headshot photography for a change. We got to play with lots of fun poses and lighting situations and instruments too!


Vero also wants to get back into acting, so we did get plenty of those traditional headshots though: 

I just got a beauty dish, but I think this was post-beauty dish and just taken with natural light in front of my big bay windows. I love it. Thanks Vero, for a super-fun headshot session and for taking postcards and hats from Mike, and getting your guitar to line up perfectly with that octopus statue!