Katya and Nile Take Some Really Fun Photos in Boston!

So as I've said, I work in the IT Department at New England Conservatory of Music. I'm not ashamed to admit that I love my job. I love technology, from computers to cameras to smartphones, so obviously getting to be around it all day is thrilling and I'm always learning about new gadgets and software. I also love music, and I am surrounded by incredibly talented musicians- there are world-class singers, composers, and instrumentalists to be found in the students, faculty, and staff. At my desk there are almost always strains of some impossibly beautiful piece of music floating in from an adjacent practice room. The job itself is great, too- challenging when I want it to be, relaxed when I need it to be, and my co-workers and user base are lovely. It is also quite flexible, so I can fit in all my other pursuits, like photography and acting! 

One of the other folks who works at NEC is Katya Popova. Katya is a Boston-based artist and educator who teaches sculpture at the Conservatory. She and I met when she came to the IT Office for help with her email, and when she found out I was a photographer, she enlisted (and is still enlisting) my services. 

Katya wanted creative and non-traditional headshots- she brought some fun props and cool outfits and we headed up to my super-secret photography location near NEC. This space is gorgeous and has lots of great light and texture, as you'll see in the photos below. All told, Katya and I shot for a little over an hour, and we had a swell time. It was really nice to be "freed" from the constraints of traditional headshot photography- we tried lots of cool poses and used the amazing environment to our advantage. 

I was really happy with how these turned out, and so was Katya. She actually just told me that the photos helped with her application to a theatre school- she was accepted! Thanks again, Katya, for a really fun and creative photo shoot!