Photographing Actors Rehearsing Theatre (Ionesco) in Providence

One of my favorite things to shoot is theatrical production photography, for a number of reasons. First, I'm an actor, and I'm so happy to be near or on the stage, whether I'm in the show or not. When I take photos of a piece of theatre, I like to get close to the action, move around the set with the actors. This allows me to capture three-dimensional images, and I get to deliver far more than the usual "camp out in the fifth row with a 70-200mm lens" flat-looking photos that a lot of theatre photographers end up getting. Second, HOW COOL IS THE SUBJECT MATTER?! As you'll see from the images from yesterday's shoot, directors and actors work together to create scenes and images that one could only dream of staging in a studio. Usually, the light is fantastic too. Finally, from a purely business perspective, I love giving theatres a really good deal on production shots, since I then get tons of traffic to my website from the very clientele I'm seeking- actors who want headshots! 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting for Out Loud Theatre, a Providence, RI- based company that puts on exciting, cutting-edge work using a group of talented and focused local actors. The whole thing is led by Kira Hawkridge, who is a fellow University of Rhode Island alum. I've shot for this theatre company many times before, and every time I come back I love the visual feast they've prepared for me. 

This time, it was Eugene Ionesco's (arguably) most well-known play, "Rhinoceros." This piece of avant-garde, absurd theatre is set in France (and translated from French) and is often seen as an allegory for the rise of movements such as Communism, Fascism, and Nazism. It was a dress rehearsal; everyone in really excellent costumes, with lots of really wonderful visual and aesthetic elements that supported and enhanced the already classic text. It is hard to describe in words- I think the photos have to tell the story: 

With a great ensemble cast, fun modern music and sound design, and as seen above, chilling and dynamic visual elements, "Rhinoceros" is one to see! It runs from April 12th-April 25th in Providence, Rhode Island.