Erika Anderson, Professional Stylist | Boston Lifestyle Headshots; Social Media Photography

Erika came to me through Google (it looks like my work with SEO and Adwords is paying off!) and we took some photos on Sunday! She was the first person to use the new Mini/Lifestyle Headshot Package, and it went really well. Erika is a personal stylist at Nordstrom's, and she brought all kinds of wonderful clothing choices. We used the Somerville studio, which is proving to be a great place to shoot, again and again. We even managed to get outside a little bit!

Erika Anderson Boston Social Media Headshot (41 of 55).jpg

We took photos for about an hour, then sat down immediately and went through what we had shot. Erika picked out her favorite photos, I did a few quick tweaks in Lightroom, and she had herself a great selection of professional headshots to choose from for her Linkedin, Facebook, or other profile photo. 

Thanks for the good photos and great conversation, Erika!