Shooting Professional Corporate Linkedin Profile Photos in Boston, Part I

It probably doesn't come as huge revelation that everyone who's anyone is online. We've all got some kind of presence on the internet, whether it is a personal or professional website, a Facebook profile, a Linkedin page, or one of many other digital representations of ourselves. Usually these pages have some text, a resume or introduction letter, some information about yourself, interests, job history, etc. But I can't think of a single social or professional connection service that doesn't involve some kind of photo of yourself and/or the product or service you are providing. As more and more people sign up for these networks, the need to stand out from the legions of job seekers, romantic hopefuls, and potential new connections is growing. That's where having a professional photo comes in- it is a great way to put on your best digital face and convey a great deal about your personality and the brand or image you want to embody.

In fact, a professional profile picture, especially on business-related networks such as Linkedin, is becoming the norm. This is proving a boon to photographers, who are now finding clients outside the normal realms of newlyweds, models, actors, and newborns who are looking for professional images. Folks who may not have had a "real" portrait taken since high school are finding themselves in need of a great photo. Luckily, there are plenty of photographers who are up to the task, and this weekend I was one of them!

On Saturday I had two headshot sessions, back-to-back, with a couple of really nice guys who needed professional photos for their online presence. Neither were actors, so I had to adjust my shooting style a little bit to accommodate some different needs and goals. 

Today's post is about Kevin, who works at VistaPrint (You've probably heard of Vistaprint- I use them for almost all of my business printing needs.) Kevin was really friendly and fun to shoot and talk with- the time flew by and I think we got some great images. I almost exclusively used the Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART Lens, which is rapidly becoming my favorite piece of glass. It is still proving to be ridiculously sharp wide open, and the colors have a really magical "pop" to them that even the Canon 85mm 1.2 doesn't quite reach. 

I liked this session a lot, especially because I felt like I could get a little more creative with lighting, composition, and content, as opposed to headshots, which I feel demand a (somewhat) more formulaic approach. Also, these shots are even less about making someone attractive or beautiful, (though that's still something to think about), and more about personality and presentation. 

I'll just post Kevin's favorites here and let them speak for themselves!