Speakeasy Stage has a Boston Gala and I help photograph it!

So in addition to being a photographer, I'm also an actor (if you didn't know that at this point, surprise!), and I currently have the great pleasure of working with SpeakEasy Stage Company, playing the character of Will Ogden in their upcoming production of Terrence McNally's Mothers and Sons. Rehearsals have been excellent so far, and I'm super excited to open the show in two weeks. We open May 8th and run through June 6th!  

A little before we started rehearsal, I got an email from their Director of Development asking if I could shoot the Step and Repeat for their big 2015 Gala. If you don't know, a Step and Repeat is the name of the style of backdrop with the company's logo on it, which people step in front of, have their photo taken, and then you repeat the process with other people. I hadn't shot this particular style of event photography before, but I felt like I was ready to give it a shot!

I arrived at 5:30 PM with my camera and light stands and off-camera flashes, and it turned out that there was a fairly low, white ceiling, and that the backdrop had lights pointed at it already! My job suddenly got a lot easier, and all I ended up using was my 24-70mm f/2.8L v2, 5DIII, and Yonguo YN-560 IV Flash with a Gary Fong Lightsphere on it. I got my settings dialed in, and the guests started to arrive! 

For about an hour and a half it was pretty much chaos, and I got to photograph all kinds of awesome people, including Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts,

Angela Menino, wife of the late Mayor Thomas Menino,

Paul Daigneault, Artistic Director of SpeakEasy, (he's on the left)

and tons more. Everyone was incredibly gracious, friendly, and very well dressed! After the pre-party reception, I was free to enjoy the Gala with Maggie, and we did! It was a great night, very well-put together, with incredible local actors and singers putting on a fantastic show while we all enjoyed our dinner. I hope we get to shoot and/or attend next year! 

Maggie and I got our photo taken also: 

Also, props to Justin Saglio, the photographer who covered the rest of the event- check out his amazing work here! 


If you don't get a chance to see me in Mothers and Sons, make sure and catch a show at SpeakEasy next year- their 25th Anniversary Season looks spectacular!