Taking Headshots with Dan Prior, Boston-Area Actor and Singer

Dan Prior found me through a referral (always awesome, though I've been impressed with the number of clients that working at SEO and buying Google AdWords has brought in) and Dan and I are both very, very busy. I was in rehearsals for my show at Central Square Theatre (which has since closed) and he was rehearsing for his show at Arts After Hours, (The Complete History of America: Abridged), which I wasn't able to hear but if it is anything like The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), I'm sure it was hilarious. We did managed to find two one hour sessions during my lunch break at New England Conservatory, and they both got us some wonderful images. 

The first session had us starting outside- one of my favorite spots to shoot is the SW Corridor Park near the Mass Ave Orange Line T-stop. Dan has striking blue eyes, and the combination of the light blue shirt that he brought plus the reds and oranges of that Back Bay neighborhood proved excellent: 

The above image was shot with a 5D MKIII and the 70-200 f/2.8L IS II, which, at 200mm, creates some stunning background blur. The sun got a little too bright for my taste (and for Dan's somewhat sensitive eyes) and we took the session inside to a room at NEC. Dan stood in front of a large window and I got to use my very new (at the time) 85mm f/1.2L II lens to get some great low-ish light shots with really cool falloff and abstract backdrops: 

I love how the light coming from outside the room creates that yellow spot in the back, which I think gorgeously offsets Dan's eyes and complements his hair. 

Even though we got some great photos that day, we decided to give it one more try about a week later. This time the day was much more overcast and we were able to stay outside quite a bit longer. We started on top of a parking garage, which gave some great shallow depth-of-field even at f/3.5- I love this look since more of Dan's face was in focus and the background still fades away into almost unrecognizable colors and shapes:

We walked around near Northeastern for a while, and finally ended up at the back road leading to the Ruggles Commuter Rail Station. I had always wanted to shoot here because of a great linear wall that has a cool texture and some plants that give it fantastic color. I was definitely not disappointed with the leading lines that this location provided: 

Funnily enough, after all that shooting, Dan picked a (great) final image from the first session- it was maybe the 4th photo we took! That does happen sometimes- a client will occasionally get a sweet photo right away- but we keep shooting anyway because I love taking headshots and hopefully they're having a great time too! Here's Dan's final, retouched shot: 

Thanks for checking out my blog- and look for Dan's face on lots of Boston stages soon- he's new to the area but I'm sure he's going to do really well!