New Site, New Blog Post!

Wow! Welcome to my brand-new website! I've done a serious redesign, from the ground up, and I have to say I'm incredibly pleased and proud with what I'm showing to the world now. Squarespace has proved to be a really wonderful platform to build on, and coupled with Pixieset as a client-facing gallery system, should be awesome for me and my customers alike. 

Since the last time I posted in like, August? I've done so much! I've photographed Anthony Rapp's one man show "Without You," for Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, taken tons of headshots, and continued to hone my skills and accrue more equipment.

For today's post, we're going to look at headshots I look on Monday, for Boston-based actor Geoff Van Wyck. I met Geoff when he was an Apprentice at Commonwealth Shakespeare Company in 2014. He came to me for headshots, and we met in his hometown of Marblehead. I'd never been to Marblehead, and it was great! Lots of beautiful old homes, and a gorgeous ocean view almost everywhere we looked. 

We started at the ruins of an old fort, Fort Sewell: 

Geoff, Marblehead, MA; Canon 5DIII, 85mm 1.2L II

I love the texture and color in the old rusted door behind Geoff, and there's something really nice about the non-traditional pose we've got going on.

Next we headed to the cliffs overlooking the ocean: 

Geoff, Marblehead, MA, Canon 5DIII, 85mm 1.2L II

This shot was taken using off-camera flash to fill in some light, which I've found to be wonderful lately for outdoor shooting. It allows for photos at any time of day, and once I add high-speed sync into the mix, can even overpower things like mottled sunlight in the shade.

We walked around some more and found some great green spaces, this time with just natural reflected light: 

 Geoff, Marblehead, MA, Canon 5DIII, 70-200 f/2.8L IS II

Geoff, Marblehead, MA, Canon 5DIII, 70-200 f/2.8L IS II

I really like the way the haze is working in this shot. It has lower contrast, but I think it adds a lot of great interest.

More green (looks awesome with Geoff's eyes and shirt!), this time with off-camera flash:

Geoff, Marblehead, MA; Canon 5D III, 70-200 f/2.8L IS II

That 70-200 at 200mm can make any background disappear into gorgeous abstract shapes and colors!

Finally, Geoff and I headed down to the beach, and discovered a perfect color and texture palette in the docks and rusty walls. We had a great time talking about our shared love of dinosaurs and video games and video games featuring dinosaurs. (this one's got off-camera flash as well)

Geoff, Marblehead, MA. Canon 5DIII, 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II

As the hour grew more and more golden, we stopped at what may have been the perfect "headshot house"- a great color, with golden lights that turned into beautiful bokeh, and leading lines all the way down a path to an open garage door. Geoff's got kind of an Eddie Redmayne thing going on in this one:

Geoff; Canon 5DIII, 85mm f/1.2L II

Thanks for the awesome afternoon, Geoff, and for showing me around Marblehead!