Oh man! I did it! The new website is live!!! Finally, Nile Hawver the actor ( and Nile Scott (Hawver) the photographer ( can exist as separate entities! So...blogging. I'll be doing it at least once a week now. Hopefully each post will include some awesome headshot session or play I got to shoot, but this week: a photo of the beach! I went to Lynch Park, North of Boston, and took some daytime long exposures of the beach at low tide. I stuck the camera on my tripod, used a 10-stop ND filter and a Circular Polarizer, and set the aperture at f/22, with ISO at "L" (50) in order to get the longest exposure possible. I wish I could have gone as wide as 17mm, but the stacked filters showed up when the length went that wide. I think this is around 24mm. Even with all that, in bright sunlight the most I could do was about 3 minutes. But here's the results! I'm pretty happy, especially with how the CPL caused the water to be very clear while the long exposure gave it that nice misty effect. 

Lynch Park, MA; 24mm, 189 Seconds, f/22, ISO 50