Hi. So. You love my work and want to hire me to shoot your amazing life event. My prices are great, my photos are sweet, and I seem like a good fit for you. But: there's a catch. I'm a professional theatre actor. I audition for plays and am cast in them months, if not over a year, in advance. As of this writing, acting is still more important to my soul than photography is, so I have this wonderful dilemma of being unable to book any non-negotiable event photography too far away. 

Most Boston/New England theatres have made their casting decisions for their season by May of the first year of that season. The seasons generally run from June to June. So I know by say, May of 2015, what my life looks like from June of 2015 through June of 2016. This process means that the best time to book me is around May or June, since I'll know what my schedule is about a year out. 

If you want to book me further ahead than a year, I'm always willing to do a loose contract, with the caveat that I may be unable to shoot your event should I be cast in a show with a non-negotiable performance on that date. I will obviously do my best to avoid this, but since I can't exactly "call out" of a show during the run, it is a risk we both take.

You're also welcome to wait- my schedule could end up working in your benefit, since I tend not to plan anything until I know what my theatre schedule looks like, and you're way more likely to book me a month in advance than a year. 

All that said, I'm always open to great ideas, and would love to work with you- please get in touch and we can do our best to work something out!